Mailvox: I’m in

K-rod proposes a bet:

Vox man u got it all wrong…chix don’t like rock stars cuz they rich, they like them cuz they sexy, which u are definately not. Please post a pic of your girl, whom u think is beautiful. I bet she’s a dog.

U missed the point, G. Chix like men who are wealthy AND they like musicians. Two altogether separate appeals. In any event, one doesn’t have to be a rock star; as I pointed out, even the lead singers of cheesy cover bands usually have a small female following.

Some people will no doubt want to argue about the appeal of shiny things to the fair sex, but I once had a woman I’d just met slide her hand inside my suit coat and turn her wrist so that she could see the label. The point is not up for debate.

As for Spacebunny’s canine countenance or lack thereof, I’ll be happy to take that bet. What stakes do you propose?