Relax, people

It never ceases to amaze me how almost any topic can be magically transformed into a furious debate about abortion, evolution or the civil war. At least this time the demographic effects of abortion, and specifically sex-selected abortion, was tangentially related to the first of the Three Inevitable Topics.

Also, do leave serious questions and insults about other posters’ religion, appearance and personal idiosyncracies out of it. Such cracks are not interesting, they’re almost never funny and they merely sidetrack the discussion. There are some notable exceptions to this rule, they know who they are and if you’ll notice, half the time I’m their target anyhow. You all already know what I think about ‘equality’ so this is the last place you should expect to find it, right?

Bane and the White Buffalo are artistes of the poisoned tongue, simply appreciate their genius, don’t cheapen their work by attempting to imitate it.