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Jesus Freak Larry reviews THE WAR IN HEAVEN on Amazon:


I’ve never seen a bigger load of crap than this before. This author has no spritual sense at all. He wrote about some low-life 16-year-old kid is supposed to be the “key” to storming the Gates of Heaven. First of all the Gates of Heaven would be guarded better than anything else and it is. Second of all JESUS CHRIST is the only key to Heaven. And also this man can’t possibly claim to be a “Christian” if he writes about the Gates of Heaven being stormed and he also uses quotes from some evil Heavy-Metal rock bands. Parents I strongly suggest you don’t allow your children read this if you want them to keep on the right path. That’s all I have to say.

I hope this guy hasn’t tried to read the new Harry Potter. His head might explode right on the spot. And that crazy Lewis guy – he said animals can talk and EVERYONE knows they don’t. In case you’re wondering why some Christian writers seem strangely determined to hide all signs of their faith deep within their fiction where almost no one can detect it, this sort of thing is one of the reasons.

Anyhow, if you’ve read TWIH or TWIS and haven’t reviewed them yet on Amazon, I’d encourage you to do so. It really does help, as publishers do check out these things. And be honest; there’s nothing wrong with criticism as long as it’s got some foundation in sanity and addresses the text, not the author.

Just in case you’re interested, THE WRATH OF ANGELS is still on for publication by Pocket Books next spring, and I may have an announcement about a new fantasy trilogy that will be published by a new publisher in the next month or so.