A neocon’s guide to war-winning

Frank Gaffney writes on NRO:

In fact, we have no choice but to fight the Islamofascists with every means at our disposal. This will require, among other things, engaging the American people far more fully in the war effort than they have been to date. In fact, it is time to put the country on a war footing. Elements of such an approach should include the following:

In fact, we have a plethora of choices, moron. This sort of sloppy rhetoric annoys the smack out of me. Notice how “every means at our disposal” not only doesn’t include turning Saudi Arabia into a glass desert, but barely has anything to do with the prosecution of the war itself.

Here’s this Clausewitz reincarnate’s suggestions, seriously:

Support the troops.

Oh, that will make ALL the difference in the world. People all around the country are supporting them, as anyone who follows the milblogs knows.

Help secure the homeland.

No, this isn’t what you think. In neocon parlance, “helping secure the homeland” means interpreting the sacrfice your civil liberties as your civic duty and spying on your neighbor.

Enhance energy security.

I thought the war WASN’T about oil. And if dependence on Saudi oil is one of the keys to winning the struggle, isn’t the close, manly friendship between George Delano and King Abdullah indicative of a rather more serious problem?

Stop underwriting terror.

Strangely, Frank doesn’t bring up the billions of dollars sent directly to terrorist organizations and terror-sponsoring states.

And that’s it. Do those four things and we’ll win… it’s a good thing this is only a struggle because with yahoos like this running things, we are so going to lose….