Mailvox: we will win what we can’t

JB agrees, even though it’s pointless:

Finally! A columnist with the intestinal fortitude to call a spade a spade. I’ve been angry watching our performance in Iraq ever since “major combat operations” were declared “over” by the president. You are correct. There is no war on terror, and there never has been. One way you can tell is that there is absolutely NO offensive strategy to obtain victory. We’ve been fighting this “war on terror” almost as long as we fought in WWII. Too bad Americans are just so comfortable that they accept any spin from the administration these days…. Several months ago, the president goofed in an interview with Brian Williams (I think) and said that the war on terror is not winnable. Of course, the next day he explained in the media that he misspoke and that we certainly will win the war on terror….

Oh, well…. Thanks for calling it like it really is, I really enjoy your columns because you have courage. No one is really listening, but I appreciate your efforts.

It’s been said that a gaffe is when one accidentally speaks the truth. As for no one listening, that’s the price you pay for not sticking to the script.