Mixed Feelings

Michael Yon writes of American soldiers who are not American citizens:

Across Iraq, I keep running across American troops who are not Americans. Many of these soldiers and Marines are working towards attaining U.S. citizenship while in uniform, under fire, in Iraq.

SPC Saroth Muth (Cambodia)
SPC David Floutier (England)
SPC Hugo Juarez (Mexico)
SPC Evans Martin (Antigua)
SPC Octavio Rodriguez (Mexico)
SGT Ringsey Khin (Cambodia)
SPC Abdel Phipps (Jamaica)
SGT Collin Campbell (Trinidad)
SPC Bosco Jerez (Nicaragua)
SPC Jose Alvarado (Honduras)
SPC Moises Medina (Mexico)

SGT Walter Gaya, from Argentina, was scheduled to be sworn in with this group, but he was recently wounded in combat and could not attend the ceremony.

I have no doubt that these are all fine young men, the sort of energetic immigrants who quickly adapted to American culture and society and helped the nation achieve what today is its preeminent place in the world.

On the other hand, I can’t help but think of Rome’s foreign legions and at what point in Roman history they became common. Of course, if we were following the Roman example precisely, we’d have an army full of Saudis occupying Iraq.

Mr. Yon’s online magazine is a great blog, by the way. It makes for very interesting and sobering reading.