Mailvox: tomato, tomahto

LP does not think yesterday’s post was boring:

that post about Asian-eastern hot chics or if they are not hot chics…fun post. everytime I check your blog it is always ineresting! well, the latest Gwen stefani cd talks about harra ju ku girls and Japan street fashion…Japanese street fashion IS NOT IMPRESSIVE at all…

Actually, I think it is quite impressive in a blink-your-eyes-and-shake-your-head way. Being an occasional victim of fashion in the past, I tend to find the vagaries of human adornment to be more interesting than, say, the debate over which team of engineers can cause its human-occupied vehicle to travel marginally faster across the earth’s surface.

Please note that I didn’t say I find them to be very interesting, only less completely boring than numerous other human bizarrities. Every culture is freaky in its own way; the Japanese, having benefitted from centuries of near isolation, are freakier and thus more interesting than most. Would William Gibson’s novels be half as spellbinding if they were set in a futuristic Scotland or Lithuania? I don’t think so.

As for Mrs. Rossdale, she looked fantastic in that video with the little Japanese cheerleaders. Not a bad pop song, either.