A few problems with reading and logic

Chuck writes: “Then I guess that embarrassing incident in Gibralter (6 Mar 88) never happened. The three IRA terrorists bent on bombing the British, at a major parade there, were never gunned down in the street.”

I don’t know how to break this to Chuck, but Gibralter is not, in fact, London. Furthermore, the three individuals involved weren’t random individuals walking down the street, but known terrorist operatives engaged in an operation. And as Chuck himself admits, once in 1988 does not qualify as “regularly”.

Craigp writes: “who would benefit from portraying the situation giving as much benefit as possible to the British Police.”

Um, Craig, that would be the British Police. On a secondary note, the British government.

Chuck also wrote of Waco: “based on what I understand, the feds deliberately went in to kill everyone in the compound and that military personnel were involved in the final assault. Too many big explosions and muzzle flashes of fully automatic fire from outside the buildings.”

[credulous citizen] But the official investigation has determined that those weren’t muzzle flashes picked up on IR camera, they were the reflections of sunlight off pieces of glass strewn about the location. Take off your tin foil hat! Everyone knows no cop or government official would ever intentionally kill a law-abiding civilian, they just occasionally make tragic mistakes. [/credulous citizen]