Maybe he’s all right

The Bodysnatcher writes on NRO:

John Roberts is, it appears, a genuinely witty man — as documents unearthed at the Reagan Library dating from his time in the White House counsel’s office reveal. In one, dated 1983, he takes on the idea that Supreme Court justices just work so very, very hard: “While some of the tales of woe emanating from the court are enough to bring tears to one’s eyes, it is true that only Supreme Court justices and schoolchildren are expected to and do take the entire summer off.”

Another quip: “The generally accepted notion that the court can only hear roughly 150 cases each term gives the same sense of reassurance as the adjournment of the court in July, when we know the Constitution is safe for the summer.”

We’ll see… but in the meantime, I’m highly down with that general sense of skepticism and contempt.