On prevention

Nancy writes:

Perhaps it’d be best for all you Monday morning quarterbacks if the police or (bobbies), just said “ok, Fine, we resign! and we will let you fin for yourselves, if you get bombed on the train to grandmas house or to work or to take your kids to school, or while on vacation in Egypt, well then that is just all on you.
No more will we put our lives on the line and as a matter of fact maybe soldiers should do the same.

You want to call the police incompetent and rash, blah blah blah, after what they’ve been dealing with to try and keep you safe? Live Free and Die, you ungrateful, whining, liberal wretches!”

Hmmm, that’s true, because without the police, innocent people might have died in 9/11, the OK City bombing, the Madrid bombings or the London subway bombings.

Ahem, wait a minute….

The police are there to pick up the pieces, and to arrest the perpetrator if he chooses to turn himself in or if someone close to him tells them who did it. They are not there to defend anyone. They are not there to protect anyone or prevent anything. This is not up for debate, it is a matter of settled case law.

Live Free or Die is not exactly a left/liberal philosophy.