Why I’m sick of pundits

Jon Podhoretz writes on NRO:

Neil Livingstone, one of those “terrorism experts” who seems to be one only because he has declared himself one, just said on the CBS Morning Show that this was the first time there had been follow-up attacks after a major terrorist assault. Hello? Neil? Anthrax? Ever heard of anthrax?

I don’t recall any major anthrax assaults. I don’t recall stock markets and currencies plunging because of dozens of anthrax victims. It all depends upon the meaning of the word “major”, I suppose. The silliness of the hurry with which pundits leap into these petty frays has become seriously annoying.

And anyone who still says “hello” as a poor excuse for a witty wake-up call deserves to be forced to watch the entire Michael J. Fox ouvre, without commercial breaks. It was already old when it was still the Eighties.