Modern dentistry

… is simply awesome. After a life free of cavities, the dentist warned me last year that I had developed some decay on a few teeth in back. I spent a little over an hour watching Caddyshack on the ceiling TV while the dental team drilled away, and thanks to the topical Novocaine or whatever it was, the only problem was trying not to crack up while Ty Webb was stabbing Lacy Underall with the acupuncture needle.

(By the way, Lacy was really, really hot in a poor man’s Morgan Fairchild way. What happened to her? She was much prettier than any of the Brat Pack girls, and it’s not like any of them could act, either.)

The other great thing is that the fillings are white and you can’t see them even if you are looking for them, so there’s none of that mouth full of black holes thing going on. The bad news, however, is that the dentist decided that since it went so well, we might as well take care of three teeth that were borderline last time this afternoon.

Once more into the breach, dear friends….