Who needs enemies?

Israelis vs Jews in the Holy Land:

Israeli police stormed a hotel in a Gaza settlement on Thursday and ejected 150 radical Jews who had hoped to form a bastion of resistance to
Israel’s planned withdrawal from the occupied territory.

Commandos scaled ladders to enter the barricaded seaside hotel after the army declared a closed military zone in Jewish settlements in Gaza to put an end to an influx of ultranationalists bent on scuttling the August withdrawal.

Prime Minister Ariel Sharon vowed Israel would block far-right Jews from obstructing the pullout, denouncing them as “thugs who try to terrify Israeli society and tear it apart by violence against Jews and Arabs.” The heavily armed commandos broke down doors and gave chase through the Palm Beach Hotel compound to grab the religious squatters, some of whom were women clutching small children who had bound themselves to furniture.

Just who is doing the terrifying, Prime Minister, the women with small children or the heavily armed commandos? That’s a nice bit of Orwellian doublespeak. I don’t pretend to know the first thing about Israeli politics, but I really don’t see how this makes a lot of sense, either domestically or internationally.