Will wonders never cease

From Drudge:

The USA Patriot Act, in the name of fighting terrorism, allows the government to find out which books and Internet sites a person has seen. It lets investigators secretly search homes and monitor phone calls and e-mail.

Now, officials in the wealthy New York City suburb of Summit are using the law to justify forcing homeless people to leave a train station _ an action that sparked a $5 million federal lawsuit by a homeless man.

Richard Kreimer, who filed the lawsuit in March after being kicked out of the train station, said the Patriot Act defense makes no sense. “Unless they’ve been smoking those funny cigarettes, I can’t see how my civil lawsuit has anything to do with the Patriot Act,” said Kreimer, 55, who is acting as his own attorney.

But Summit officials argue they are protected by a provision regarding “attacks and other violence against mass transportation systems.” Town attorney Harry Yospin, who did not return calls seeking comment Tuesday and Wednesday, has used the law as one of more than a dozen defenses in the case.

Of course, “conservative” defenders of every act of the Bush administration will argue that since no library has yet been forced to give up a list of books being checked out by its patrons, there are no Patriot Act abuses.

I know I’m looking forward to Patriot II, how about you?