Fiery justice

From WND:

A Spanish mother has taken revenge on the man who raped her 13-year-old daughter at knifepoint by dousing him in petrol and setting him alight. He died of his injuries in hospital on Friday.

Antonio Cosme Velasco Soriano, 69, had been sent to jail for nine years in 1998, but was let out on a three-day pass and returned to his home town of Benejúzar, 30 miles south of Alicante, on the Costa Blanca.

While there, he passed his victim’s mother in the street and allegedly taunted her about the attack. He is said to have called out “How’s your daughter?”, before heading into a crowded bar. Shortly after, the woman walked into the bar, poured a bottle of petrol over Soriano and lit a match. She watched as the flames engulfed him, before walking out.

The woman fled to Alicante, where she was arrested the same evening. When she appeared in court the next day in the town of Orihuela, she was cheered and clapped by a crowd, who shouted “Bravo!” and “Well done!”

I suspect that we may see more of this in the future, as a Wave Three mentality takes hold and the courts continue to abdicate their role of attempting to provide justice in society in favor of working hand-in-hand with the politicians to expand central government power in every Western country.

As for the vengeful mother, she should be tried, found guilty and given a suspended sentence. I highly doubt that she’s crazy or that she’s any danger to society.

Perhaps it’s wrong, but I find it amusing to think how the look on the gloating rapist’s face must have changed at the moment he realized what his victim’s mother was doing.