Who’s screwing up America

John Hawkins has an idea:

This is John Hawkins from Right Wing News & Conservative Grapevine. On Tuesday of next week, I am going to be putting up an article entitled, “Right-Of-Center Bloggers Tell Us Who Is Screwing Up America” (The list for the left-of-center bloggers will be going up one day later). This whole idea was inspired by a book being written by Bernard Goldberg called “100 People Who Are Screwing Up America.”

There’s a lot of potential candidates, of course, but I think Alan Greenspan has to top the list. Between the economy and the bipartisan push for the Trans-Americas Union, it’s a tough choice, but I would argue that it is the distortions created in the former that are creating the latter imperative.

Of course, if his public pronouncements are any indication of what is to come, it’s entirely possible that his likely successor, Ben Bernahnke, could be worse.