The next RAW

The Virgin Queen elucidates an intriguingly insane theory of Jesus Christ:

Because Jesus had such an extraordinary amount of spiritual and physical Divine energy in His body, He was able to make use of this final dispersion of consciousness to literally transform time and space in a fundamental way. I believe that He directed all of His intention and will towards transforming that final release of energy into a new and permanent state of reality. And because this overwhelming energy and Divine presence was channeled and purified through the nervous system of a physical body, it “filtered” the abstract and overpowering love of G-d into a personal kind of love that could be understood and accessed by other human nervous systems during prayer and meditation.

He reached His most complete Enlightenment and understanding of His own nature and Man’s nature just as He died. He died in a moment of total love, forgiving His murderers and all of mankind. His vision was filled with the purest and most powerful compassion that transcended what any mere man could have achieved. To call this an archetype is not to reduce Christ to a mere literary construct — it is closer to Carl Jung’s concept of archetypes as essential “shapes” in the collective unconscious that everyone responds to on a level deeper than rationality is able to take us. The crucifixion was the ultimate Archetype writ large across the canvass of time, space, and all levels of reality simultaneously.

I knew I liked this girl. And this little quote doesn’t do her train of thought justice; by all means, go read it in its glorious completion. If only she didn’t lack an obssessive interest in sex and psychotropic drugs, I’d say we were witnessing the emergence of the next Robert Anton Wilson.

Her theory of the dead transdimensional Christ leaves out a few minor things, such as the problem of evil, the witnesses to the Resurrection and the wildly improbable rise of Christianity itself, but to be honest, I’m far more interested in reading the original thoughts of a creative mind than be forced to slog through the mindless regurgitated pap expressed so vehemently by many of my fellow evangelicals.