A Discovery Channel world

RWN is down with suckling etiquette:

You can tell it’s a relatively slow summer when breast feeding starts to become a topic of interest in the blogosphere. First it was Vox Popoli and now The Corner.Well, never let it be said that a relatively unimportant non-political subject was discussed on political blogs without John Hawkins chipping in his two cents….

To me, breast feeding is the much less awful equivalent of the handful of 70 year old guys at the gym I used to go to, who, unlike anybody else there, seemed to always be walking around the locker room completely naked. Sure, it’s a locker room and you’re allowed to do that, but that doesn’t mean you should.

I’m quite confident that I’m on the correct side of this debate, in no small part due to the speed with which the breastfeeding irgundwo und uber alles crowd was reduced to diagnosing psychosocial disorders on the part of everyone who disagreed with them.

But it doesn’t really matter why people don’t like you doing something around them. The point is, they don’t, so don’t do it around them. Despite my own inclination towards the occasional verbal vulgarity, I try to avoid indulging myself around people who are less linguistically casual when I am in public or on their turf.

Today, I found myself sitting ten feet away from a pair of bead-wearing hippy revivalists who were making out as if the sidewalk on the corner was the girl’s basement couch. It took some self-control to resist the urge to walk over, unzip my pants and start taking a piss right next to them.

Hey, what’s it to you, man? Just doing my thing, dig?

Alternatively, perhaps I should have engaged in some chest-beating primate display, bared my teeth, driven away the lesser male and mounted her right there on the sidewalk, all the while shrieking like a rabid chimpanzee on meth.