And the neocons cheered

From NRO:

To the shock and dismay of the ACLU, Americans generally let out a big yawn at the supposed daunting threat of the USA PATRIOT Act. An ABC-Washington Post poll shows that a near filibuster proof majority of Americans (59%) favor extending the PATRIOT Act, which grants expanded investigational authority to the FBI in terrorism investigations. Though certain proposed changes were met with less enthusiasm, the poll demonstrates that most Americans get it when it comes to using every tool at our disposal to combat terrorism on American soil.

And what does a filibuster have to do with the public’s opinion? I despise this concept that people justly concerned about the government’s embrace of tactics from which the American people fought a war to free themselves simply “don’t get it”. There’s nothing like using a construction that sounds like a lame high school girl’s insult to convince everyone that you hold not only the intellectual high ground, but insight into the pulse of the nation.

The Patriot Acts, I and II, are dangerous. RICO wasn’t abused right away either, but just give it time. I guarantee that within ten years, they’ll prove to have been used against far more taxpayers than terrorists.

Who needs due process anyhow….