Mailvox: raging lunacy

Raging Bee buzzes angrily:

And while I’m asking dumb questions, what’s so “Christian” OR “libertarian” about condemning women for feeding their children in public places? Didn’t Jesus go on a lot about forgiveness, tolerance, and helping fellow humans in need? Or did the Gospels get rewritten while I wasn’t looking?

I don’t recall condemning women for anything, as I did not imply that the rudeness implicit in asserting that you have the right to breastfeed a child anytime and anywhere was grounds for either a prison term or eternal damnation. And forgiveness requires repentance, and all I’ve heard from the anytime, anyplace crew so far is a complete disregard for the opinions of others. Nor do I consider it necessary or even the least bit appropriate to bring the Gospels into what is nothing more than a question of etiquette.

This discussion has, however, offered strong support for my personal theory that mothers of young children are the rudest human beings on the planet, if one reduces the sample in question to the sober population. I suppose this is understandable, because combining the difficulty factor inherent in accomplishing tasks while accompanied by one or more children with the maternal stress factor and the Mama Bear syndrome is bound to lead to difficulties.

But seriously, even a hardened Long Islander is more likely to apologize for running over your foot with a shopping cart than a harried mother of three.