Damned by overexuberant praise

The Sports Guy’s Intern on Michael Vick:

Pretty good rundown of the best and worst NFL draft picks over the years. Of course, picking Bradshaw over Vick as the best overall number one is a joke. Four Super Bowl rings, you say? Please. We’re talking about Mike Vick, the greatest football player of all-time; the modern day Troy; the man who will lead us all to victory against the rise of the machines; quite possibly the most remarkable human being who’s ever lived or ever will. Mike Vick eats Super Bowl rings for breakfast, and then spits them back out because they aren’t refined enough for his palate.

I nearly swallowed my tongue reading that. THE MAN WHO WILL LEAD US ALL TO VICTORY AGAINST THE RISE OF THE MACHINES. Yeah, but he still sucks as a quarterback. I just wish I played in a fantasy league where someone was dumb enough to believe the hype.

LITTLE BROTHER: “Why can’t I join your league? I’ve won my league three years in a row!”

VOX: “Because you won in a league where the first pick was Kordell Stewart.”