The girl can drive

I’ll be interested to see how Danica Patrick does in the Indy 500. I hope she does well, as it will be proof that women don’t need their little lady tours, little lady leagues and little lady rules to compete with the big bad boys on an equal playing field. The fact that her light weight gives her a theoretical advantage is irrelevant; a man who goes 295 could make the same complaint about a lighter man that one sometime Indy car driver has made about her, and her smaller frame means that she is absorbing a comparatively greater amount of punishment throughout the race.

This isn’t horseracing and as long as her car weighs more than the minimum required by the rules, it’s fair.

I’ve always liked and admired women who are willing to compete fairly, regardless of the sport. Danica Patrick is the ultimate example of this sort of woman. It’s the Title IX losers who want to use government force to cut the legs out from under men in order to give women an advantage that I despise.

And don’t even get me started on the feminist cheerleaders in the national sports media; remember when they were claiming that the US women’s soccer team could beat the US men’s team a few years ago? I don’t remember them bringing up that idiocy after the men beat Euro 2004 finalists Portugal and Mexico before nearly taking down Germany in the quarterfinals of the 2002 World Cup.