Mailvox: Of ice cubes and Hell

Desert Cat muses somewhat bitterly:

Is there now any reason to vote Republican?

For Senate candidates anyway? Certainly no reason I can see to vote Republican next time John McCain is up for re-election, and plenty of reason to actively campaign against him. He is sadly mistaken if he thinks he has an ice cube’s chance in hell of becoming the next Republican presidential nominee.

There is one reason why many conservative voters have gone to the polls and voted for Republican candidates over the last ten years, and that has been to stem the tide of liberal judicial activism. By actively subverting the Senate leadership, this group of Senate “moderates” have subverted the will of the majority in this nation.

This is excoriable.

I don’t even need to go over to Vox’s site to hear his “See! I told you so.” I see. I see….

UPDATE: Vox comes through, although I would have expected him to strike a little harder while the iron is hot.

I mean if ever, now is the time when the party faithful may be convinceable that their faith is misplaced. “Hang together or hang separately” is still my motto, but Vox ought to be reeling in new converts by the fistful if he’d just drop his net on the right side of the boat.

Actually, if one-third of the Republicans who are outraged by the National Democrat’s latest faux cave-in to their Social Democratic partners-in-crime refuse to play Three Monkey in 2008, I’ll be pleased. Most people will forget or will fall for the “a vote for X is a vote for Hillary Clinton” argument and will end up voting for Giuliani, Bush or whoever is chosen to play sacrificial lamb against the new, new, new Hillary Clinton, moderate centrist with conservative leanings extraordinaire.

You can’t think for another man, you can merely try to ask him the right questions. As someone has wisely said, Man is a rationalizing creature. Many Republicans are already choosing to see the filibuster deal as a glass half-full; enough repetitions of this message and most of the people who haven’t forgotten it entirely will remember it as a necessary and acceptable evil.