Seducing for the faith

From FrontPage magazine:

We used all kinds of tricks to get Christian women. We primarily sought to appeal to their emotions and impulses. We would also get these women involved in moral scandals and used that to coerce them to do whatever we wanted. This is what I did, while I was involved with a proselytizing association. Besides receiving payment for this work, I was convinced I received an additional reward because each time I caused a Christian woman to convert to Islam I would be awarded with an acre of land in heaven.

The following accounts are of the women that I lured into Islam through deceptive methods.

My initial thought is that if Muslims are able to so easily win female converts to a belief system that most Americans would consider to be the anthesis of what women want, why is it so difficult to believe that socialists depend on a similar, if broader strategy in converting a democratic society to socialism?

And why does it border on heresy to suggest that permitting this social seduction is a wise move for society?