Derb on Sith:

OK, saw the darn thing — someone had to take the 9-yr-old. It is incredibly awful. Neither straightforward, honest black hats/white hats space opera, nor movified version of decent one-good-idea sci-fi short story a la “Alien.” Just a horrid mess of part-digested theme fragments from Julius Caesar to Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde, kitted out with over-the-top FX, impossible to follow (Where are we now?), not an original thought in the whole thing, and pretentious as all get out. The 9-yr-old loved it. I really must pay more attention to his education.

I can’t see the point of light sabers. Wouldn’t a regular saber do just as well? If you have a light saber and I have my SIG 9mm, don’t I… have the edge on you, actually? (According to the movie: Yes, sometimes. Several Jedi knights got shot by guards wielding projectile-firing weapons. But then, other Jedi knights from an assault by hundreds of same. Huh? What happened to ray guns, anyway? And how come a transgalactic civilization hasn’t developed the epidural? Etc., etc., et bloody ectera.))

No one does sneering contempt better than the Brits. Even their expats are magnificent. That line about education nearly made me fall out of my chair laughing.