Mailvox: Libertarians and the Left

Craigp sees similarities:

Libertarians on the war:
“Its a disaster”

The left on the war:
“Its a disaster”

The republicans on the war:
“Its a good thing”

Libertarian worldview: The repubs keep moving left to the point where they are no different then the democratic party so what good are they.

At least in the example of the war in Iraq, its the libertarian party that sounds exactly like the left.

The difference is that the libertarian Right is opposed to the war because it and many things inspired by it are violations of libertarian principles. The Left opposes it because George Bush is for it.

You may recall that both the libertarian Right and the Republicans were against the Balkan war as well, while the Left was for it. As is all too often the case, of the three parties involved, only the libertarian Right is consistent in applying the same principles to different situations.