On the book front

I had a rather encouraging conversation with my publisher yesterday. It seems they finally got around to reading THE WRATH OF ANGELS, which I turned in about a year ago, and liked it enough that they increased the print run four-fold over the previous book. It’s a little more conventional fantasy than the two books that preceded it in the series and less likely to be confused with dark fantasy (lite horror) than THE WORLD IN SHADOW.

The short description is that the Shadowstalkers, a sort of Divine dirty-tricks squad, are planning to put a hit on an insane fallen angel prince who rules a post-Christian land, lest Europe descend into a second Holocaust. The challenge is that their powerful target rules a realm protected by legions of demonic guardians and is rumored to be all but indestructible.

The Almighty’s ironic sense of humor is revealed as He selects a self-absorbed teenage girl, whose three most deadly weapons are lipstick, eyeliner and a curling iron, to be His chosen instrument of retribution.