The democratic fraud

Pat Buchanan writes on WND:

From a May 11 report in the Washington Times, the Palestinian Authority might postpone July’s parliamentary elections. Why? The PA fears Hamas will sweep into power…. To abort a Hamas victory, the Palestinians are preparing to postpone the July elections, perhaps for a year….

Thus, Hamas, which Bush has branded a terror organization, looks with enthusiasm to the elections Bush has championed, while Israelis and moderate Palestinians fear Hamas will win, vault into power, and take over the leadership and negotiating portfolio of the Palestinian people.

Either you believe in democracy or you don’t. Most people like to think they do, but at heart do not. The truth is that nearly all democracy, even the strictly limited, bifactional, sub-judicial quasi-representational form that we have in the United States, is a sham. This truth is revealed every time that the will of the people expresses a desire for something outside the bounds of what their government deems permissible; one way or another, the popular law is declared unconstitutional, the referendum is overturned on specious grounds and the election is delayed or canceled if necessary.

Until you understand that democracy is little more than a release valve for popular pressure, you cannot possibly even begin grasp the great tide of world events occurring around you.