Why the Antichrist will be cute

NRO’s K-Lo receives email regarding the appointment of an ambassador:

Your article’s headline was — Bolton’s not the problem , the U.N is the problem! Well , obviously you are one of the strong supporter of John Bolton! I’m sure IF that STUPID John Bolton read your article , he can really cry on your shoulders these days!

OK , Kathryn , let me suggest you something here — since you are such fan of that extremely UGLY , extremely bullying and extremely STUPID John Bolton , maybe you should work with John Bolton for a few months , to see how much you two get along! It seems to me , you two may just make the perfect working couple! GOOD for you , my dear!

OK , here’s my opinion about that John Bolton — when I first saw John Bolton’s picture , my first reaction was —- GOSH , this guy is SO DAMN UGLY!!!!!! And he looks like A JERK!!!!!!!!! And the more I know about him , the more I think he’s nothing but A JERK!!!!!!!!!

I could not care less about Bolton – wake me up when we pull out of the UN, otherwise forget it – but I’m beginning to think that if the Democrats simply began running Hollywood actors for President, they’d be unstoppable. Or maybe they should just go right to the male models. I know a staunchly Republican woman who once confessed to me, more than a little embarassed, that she’d actually worked for the JFK campaign when she was young simply because he was so handsome.

And lest I forget —- GOSH , NICE PUNCTUATION!!!!!!!