Hail the New Equality!

The Volokh Conspiracy draws attention to affirmative action run amok in the legal industry:

In a pact brokered by the New York County Lawyers’ Association, more than 60 law firms have agreed to tell their corporate clients the composition of assigned legal teams by race, gender, ethnicity and sexual preference.

For several years, clients have asked law firms to sign statements in support of diversifying the legal profession. But with the formal agreement, firms have volunteered to put hard numbers behind their noble aspirations. According to the pact, “law firms should not object to requests by their corporate clients [to] report the number of hours devoted to the clients’ matters by minority lawyers.”

It’s about time! Now, we’ll no longer find ourselves accidentally hiring filthy Jews, uncharacteristically articulate Negroes and whorish she-lawyers… um, wait, you’re saying that isn’t the point of this?

“Hello, I’d like a gay Chinaman, an Alabama cracker and a non-smoking African-American lesbian sporting a natural on the side. To go, please.”