More from the Oxygen Club

I generally enjoy Townhall, I do, but today I’m just staring at the screen and shaking my head. Ben Shapiro is taking the controversial position that it’s okay to get angry about young girls being murdered, while Me So is blowing kisses to the cops. John Stossel, meanwhile, dedicated his 750 words to discussing how sugar does not inspire hyperactivity while Debra Saunders demonstrates that she doesn’t know the first thing about British electoral politics.

(The point isn’t that Labour won, Debra, it’s that it lost over 60 percent of its majority and Labour’s old guard has never been particularly enthusiastic about Tony Blair. In a parliamentary system, a demonstration of weakness like this is almost always an occasion for the party leader’s rivals to make their bid for the top spot.)

I mean, it’s not like there’s anything going on across the country, with the markets poised on the brink of a serious downturn, the housing markets looking very toppy and steady interest rate raises of the sort that usually precede a recession. And then there’s the national government pushing for a political union with Mexico while installing an internal police state.

Ah well, to each his own.