The dregs of literature

From the back of a new paperback:

Wendy Chrenko, former high school misfit, is now an overworked graduate student, researching her dissertation on “Remnants of Matriarchy in the Ancient Sumerian Inanna Cycle.” Still smarting from the painful wounds of a long relationship that ended abruptly, Wendy is bound and determined to prove that men and women once lived together in perfect equality, even if it means volunteering for a bizarre and dangerous scientific experiment.

And here I thought that we’d reached the bottom of the barrel with romance novels in space and hot lovin’ wereseals ravishing women by the seashore. I was so wrong.

The punchline is that this book is the proud product of the publisher I was told I’d never be able to publish with due to my “vile” view of women authors and hard science fiction. Lawsy, whatever shall I do?