The Tuesday Morning Drinking Club

The White Buffalo casts aspersions:

Liar liar pants on fire VD!

The last time VD and I went out to a bar, I ordered a beer and got a phone call. It was two fer night, so they put two nice big glasses of Harp down in front of me. Upon finishing my quick call, I turn just as the waiter delivers two Blue Hawaiians for Vox and the whole of the bar sitting population turns and raises their eyebrows. I promtly announce loudly that those electric blue concoctions are the gayest drinks I’ve ever seen. Vox shurgs his shoulders, states simply that he can’t get them in his local bar, pushes his little umbrella aside, and takes a healthy sip.

Actually, you got one minor detail wrong, hornbrain. My electric blue beverages had swords in them, not umbrellas, and I asked the bartender if I could have little umbrellas instead. The bartender just raised his eyebrows and shook his head with a very dubious expression on his face, which made you nearly choke on your Harp.

It takes a real man to order a chick drink.

Another funny Blue Hawaiian situation was when I was in downtown Minneapolis one evening. My car was hung up in traffic when someone started pounding on the window – it was the Blue Hawaiian guy. He said “wait here a second”, ran into Jim and Billy’s place and came out a minute later with a Blue Hawaiian. I said “thank you very much” and took off with it.

The best part was taking a big sip, looking over at my dumbfounded date and saying “what?”