Coming soon to a nation near you

Phyllis Schlafly, as usual, is significantly ahead of the curve:

The British government admits that more than half its major laws, and 80 percent of all its laws, now originate in Brussels. No law passed in Brussels has been successfully overturned by Parliament….

The European nations’ loss of sovereignty to the EU should be a warning to Americans. The EU is a model for how global-governance advocates in the United States plan to morph trade agreements into one government for the Western Hemisphere.

NAFTA came first, under which a foreign tribunal was able to override U.S. laws and give Mexican trucks access to all U.S. highways. Congress will soon vote on the Central American Free Trade Agreement, the plan to integrate our prosperous economy with the poverty of Central America.

Then will come Free Trade Agreement of the Americas which, according to the Quebec Declaration signed by Bush in 2001, will bring about economic and political “hemispheric integration.” Americans who want to retain American sovereignty should speak up now.

This is why Republicans and Democrats must abandon their parties now in favor of any party that rejects the abandonment of American sovereignty. Both Republicans and Democrats are absolutely committed to the American Union, a New World imitation of the sovereign bureaucratic superstate.

Ignorance will not be an excuse. You are being warned now. If you support George W. Bush or if you support Hillary Clinton, you are selling your nation, your Constitution and your liberties in exchange for well-fed serfdom.