Mailvox: update on Andrew

Vox, I have been faithfully praying for your nephew Andrew since you asked, and have been wondering about how he is doing. If you would just give me a quick update I would know how to more adequately pray on his behalf.

My cousin emailed me the following four days ago:

Andrew finished his second round of chemo with flying colors! He is now resting up in the hospital waiting for his ANC (immune system) to come back up. This will take a week to two weeks. Luckily this time he was able to venture out more with a mask on which kept his spirits up! Thank you everyone for your continued support and generosity!

Also, I’d appreciate it if those regulars who are readers would pray for a little boy who is undergoing minor surgery to remove a cyst on his neck tomorrow. It’s a simple procedure and every indication is that it’s nothing to be concerned about, but no surgery is minor surgery in a parent’s eyes.