Mailvox: math-challenged National Democrats

Soup illustrates a failure to grasp basic addition:

“a vote for [anyone but the Republican candidate] is really a vote for [the Democratic candidate]” is revived.”

This is a fine tactic since it’s certifiably true. Your next president will be a Republican or a Democrat. Get used to it.

Since Soup appears to have missed last October’s math lesson, we’ll repeat it.

Candidate D has 99 votes.
Candidate R has 99 votes.

The next voter votes for candidate Z. How many votes does Candidate D have?

a) 99
b) 100
c) what?
d) fiver

If you answered (a), you are correct. If you answered (b), you are likely a National Democrat. If you answered (c), you are likely a Democrat. If you answered d), you are probably a rabbit.

The only thing certifiable about Soup’s statement is that it is mathematically crazy. And there is no error more obvious than assuming that present trends will continue indefinitely. The only thing that is certain is that one day, the next president will not be a Republican or Democrat.