Mailvox: Fair and balanced

craigp spends too much time under the blow dryer:

Like Bill O’reilly Vox feels that it is somehow a good thing that the left emails him.

That is fine


if that is the case, if like Bill Oreilly, Vox feels that he is more “fair and balanced” becuase he has an audeicen from both the left and the right. Vox cannot then attack Delay and any republicans for not coming out with more ferocity agaiinst the left, many of whom are apparently Vox’s email buddies.

It is true that I have friends across the political spectrum. It is also true that I have friendly relationships with individuals in the media that many people would probably find surprising, including editors at major newspapers, left-wing columnists and even NPR reporters. Many of them enjoy my writing style and take-no-prisoners approach even though they believe my ideology is frighteningly alien.

But unlike Bill O’Reilly, my commentary is not constrained by these relationships because I am not building a media career and because I am not likely to waste much time with anyone who is incapable of understanding the difference between an attack on an idea to which they subscribe and a personal attack. And unlike most people, my relationships are not constrained by my ideology because I am more rationally than emotionally attached to it.

Most leftists are truly misguided. They are blind and almost always fail to follow the logic of their beliefs to the inevitable end. Thus, they are often horrified when the evils that those more clear-eyed predict come to pass. This is why I stated even before George Delano’s reelection that I felt a modicum of pity for craigp and other Three Monkey Republicans, because I was pretty sure that by the end of President Bush’s second term, their faith in the Republican party would be shaken, if not shattered entirely.

Shall I have nothing to do with my many Republican friends as well, because they are complicit in destroying the nation, repeatedly violating the Constitution and building the neo-socialist American Union? I don’t think so. Nor do I disown my more openly socialist friends simply because they are incapable of understanding even the most basic applications of the Law of Supply and Demand. You can like someone without respecting their ability to think clearly… just ask any engineer.

Finally, I have never made any claim of being fair and balanced. And my criticism of cowardly Republicans was not directed at Tom DeLay, who is a big boy and can defend himself, but at Republicans like Rich Lowry, who prefer to cry about the left-wing media’s name-calling in the futile hope that they’ll stop instead of forcing them to knock it off by hitting back harder.