Guest Blogger of the Week

I usually find it difficult to post anything passing for even remotely thoughtful on Saturdays, mostly because I’m usually thinking about writing the following Monday’s column during the course of the day. And once I’m done with that, I’m not terribly inclined to post anything that requires the least bit of mental effort.

Also, the fact that the gym closes early on the weekend doesn’t help.

Anyhow, I’ve decided to try experimenting with rotating weekly guest bloggers. Each week I’ll select one blogger from a list of volunteers; you’ll have to be a member of the Reader Blogroll to volunteer… well, to volunteer successfully, anyhow. Email me the post by the following Friday and I’ll post it here on Saturday along with a link to your blog. Posts can be on pretty much any subject and do not need to be in accordance with my views, although if it’s something that’s over the top or likely to cause another host of idiots like the Atriocities to descend upon the blog, I won’t post it and you’ll lose your chance. Profanity and general indecency is likewise forbidden; if any such offenses require committing, I will commit them, thank you very much.

Posts can be any length up to 750 words. If you’ve got more to say, well, that’s what the link to your blog is for and you can continue the theme there if you want.

Any volunteers?