Mailvox: what are the implications?

MM doesn’t want Big Brother’s protective fist:

I read your article, “Stay single, young man!”. I have only been introduced to the Libertarian mindset within the past two years and I must say, I agree with much of it. I am very curious as to what the legal (or any other) implications, or possible repercussions, are if I were to take the “unlegalized” (for lack of a better term) marriage route. It is my firm belief that government has no place in marriage, and I do not welcome its interference into mine. I would really appreciate any information you could send my way and also your own wisdom concerning the matter at hand. I am a young lady who wants the most God-honoring marriage possible, and this is one area I’ve been pondering about for quite some time. Thanks for addressing it!!

I’m no lawyer and I’m not in the mood to consider legalities for fun today – had enough of that over the last few days in my real job – so if anyone is up for playing out this scenario, have at it.