Personal instruction and indifference

The New York Times reports on what they’re learning in the public schools:

harges filed yesterday against a math teacher in Brooklyn were the latest in a string of five cases said to have involved criminal or inappropriate behavior by school employees that have stunned parents and school officials.

The teacher, Joanna Hernandez, 27, surrendered to face misdemeanor charges of kissing one of her students, a 15-year-old boy, in an empty classroom at Intermediate School 55 in Brownsville during school hours, the police said.

How very shocking! Again! The inability of parents to pay any attention whatsoever to what’s going on in their children’s schools is astounding. The great appreciation expressed by those living in a wealthy Minneapolis neighborhood for a new school in their area – none of them actually know anything about the curriculum, but the brick is pretty and the teachers are all SO very nice – was not even dented when one of the school’s most highly regarded teachers was recently arrested for attempted murder.

This isn’t denial, it’s indifference. I don’t know how I can put this any more plainly. If your child is in a public school for any reason except your poverty,you’re either clueless or uncaring. And no, you almost surely don’t love your child as much as those who are willing to put them ahead of the leased BMW, the new Toyota minivan or the twice-yearly vacations.