A belated thank you

GY reminded me that I was remiss in failing to personally thank those who sent me their corrections on the PDB collection of short stories. He is correct, my excuse, as you may recall, is that I still don’t have access to any emails prior to April, so right now I don’t have those corrections nor do I know who sent them. If you previously sent me an email with corrections, please resend it as I did not finish applying all of them before the little incident with the keyboard.

The OC and I have currently embarked on a project that may be of some interest to those of you who enjoy our fiction. It’s too soon to say much about it, except that any pro-level graphic designers who are willing to volunteer their services should fire me an email. (TimF, I need you to email me anyhow about the 3D stuff – I don’t have your contact info.) This is a low-budget experiment, so the only recompense will be glory, a modicum of exposure and a spot at the head of the line when the budget does allow for art.