Those forward-looking Democrats

Matt Yglesias simultaneously demonstrates his parochialism as well as his ignorance of global economics:

Speaking of which, fuck the small businessman. This is exactly the problem posed by obsessive focus on Paris Hilton. I might be an earnest, hardworking dude who works in the store. And somebody might die and give the store to me. The store may be worth millions and millions of dollars. If so, I ought to pay tax on it. Why? Because I’ve just inherited millions and millions of dollars, that’s why. That I’m earnest and hardworking, and that my riches came in the form of a valuable store rather than a heaping plate of gold matters not a whit. What about those sad folks forced to sell the family business? Don’t cry for them. Here you are, you inherit a store worth $X. You owe $Y in taxes, with Y being less than X. So you are “forced” to sell the store, and accept “only” $X-Y as your inheritance. Note that X is a figure in the millions, and Y a small proportion of X. This is a very good problem to have, abstracting away from the fact that someone you love has probably died and this is probably a bigger concern of yours that the tax bill. This is, in other words, a non-problem.

A non-problem as long as you are still living in the 19th century and assume those people running businesses worth millions and millions of dollars are obviously too stupid to move their business to Ireland or Switzerland where the inheritance tax ranges from less than half the US rate to zero.

No wonder the American left is in disarray if this guy is supposed to be one of their brighter, more functional bulbs.