Mailvox: looks like we made it

The Virgin Queen shares a heartwarming educational experience:

I am a 19-year-old female college student in Boston, and last week during one of my constant arguments with my Black Studies professor ( it is a required freshman course), he not only called me a fascist but told me that I was “probably Vox Day in disguise!” as though it were the worst insult he could muster. Never having heard of myself (apparently I write columns for a VERY evil website called WorldNetDaily), I googled the name and have been reading up on you.

I can honestly say that G-d works in mysterious ways because if not for the most dismal educational experience I have ever had, I might never have discovered your stimulating columns.

I MUST send this to my old history prof. He’ll be vastly amused to know that a decade later, I’m still pissing off the leftist parasites of the Academy.

Anyhow, Virgin Queen, you can tell your professor for me that he clearly doesn’t know a damn thing about fascism, as confusing a libertarian for a fascist is roughly equivalent to confusing a La Scala enthusiast for a New York Yankees fan. And that’s speaking as someone who has personally translated the Manifesto of the Fascist Struggle from the original.

Be sure to also tell him that he’s welcome to stop by and get kicked around anytime.