Why the Democrats are doomed

Jay Nordlinger points out a howler:

Howard Dean, chairman of the National Democratic Committee. He said that Sen. Rick Santorum, the Pennsylvania Republican, should “stay in Virginia,” where he lives as he works on Capitol Hill. But, Dean cracked, “Santorum is too much of a right-winger for Virginia. How about Venezuela?”

Huh? Does he realize that Hugo Chávez, the Venezuelan strongman, is a Castroite?

But then, this is the Democratic leader whose favorite book in the New Testament is Job.

Remember, this is the CHAIRMAN OF THE DNC! The party that thinks they’re smarter. The party that thinks they’re better-educated. The party that thinks they’re morally superior.

I mean, I understand that most Democrats are too maleducated to know that the National Socialists were hard-core left-wingers. I’m used to that level of cluelessness. But to think Chavez, the worker’s champion and ally of Fidel Castro, is a right-winger takes a staggering level of ignorance of world affairs.

Even for a Democrat.