Discuss amongst yourselves

Don’t expect to see a lot of commas today (see – there should have been one there) because I managed to spill onto my laptop keyboard last night. I’m pretty optimistic (you’ll have to imagine the commas from this point on) because I was getting no keyboard input at all last night. At first the doggone thing didn’t even want to boot which was more than a little worrisome.

But after a blow-drying the beast and leaving it to sit overnight I’ve almost got complete functionality back. The right side of the keyboard took the brunt of the spill and right now the comma shift-comma shift-period capital-l and the Numpads 1-3 5 8 9 + and – aren’t working. Numpad * works but wildly repeats. Anyone know where I can download a linux keyboard remapper?

Still the Numbpad * craziness a good sign – I think – because when the machine first started drying out only the semi-colon worked and it repeated like mad. Now it’s fine. Here’s hoping full functionality comes about by tomorrow so I don’t have to order a new keyboard. As Space Bunny said after 27 years the law of averages finally caught up. It’s still irritating but it’s sure a lot less irritating now than it was last night.

UPDATE: We have commas! And L and