Pop against the philosophers

I driving in the car this morning, happily singing along to one of the all-time great one-hit wonders, the Bloodhound Gang, when it occurred to me that, in a simple chorus line, they had effortlessly managed to defeat the logic underlying decades of social science and atheist philosophy.

You and me baby ain’t nothing but mammals, so let’s do it like they do on the Discovery Channel….

What the Bloodhound Gang offers, aside from a few catchy riffs and the inimitable ubergeek line about one’s priorities where the X-Files are concerned, is reality versus hypothesis. Only Nietzsche was bold enough to directly confront the stark reality of a Godless, amoral universe, while his less courageous fellows are forced to wildly bend, twist and otherwise obfuscate the moral parasitism that they cling to in cowardice. But the airy possibilities they cite are nothing more than baseless theory, which falls flat on its face before the reality of godless amoralism put into practice every day by millions of young Americans.

And so, they are left grasping for ever more unlikely explanations to explain away that which surrounds them, instead of turning to the obvious answer. We are sinful, fallen beings living in a sinful, fallen world. Our only genuine hope is in the Cross and the man whose death we remember today, otherwise, if we are merely animals, who has the right to criticize the man, woman, boy or girl who chooses to live like one?