Mailvox: circular logic and more

Wes fails to follow the plot:

This is ridiculous. This is not about the government making “health care decisions.” This is about the government making a decision to put an innocent woman to death by starvation. Health care doesn’t come into it. And Vox, do you have any interest in justice? Isn’t it the government’s job to see that justice prevails? Here we have a case where a state government wants to see to it that one of its citizens dies. I’m sorry, but stopping a murder is a far cry from making “health care decisions.”

Isn’t it the government’s job to see that justice prevails? Actually, the government’s only job is to obey the Constitution. In fact, it is this pursuit of “justice”, which Thomas Sowell has mocked in his book THE QUEST FOR COSMIC JUSTICE, that has led the federal government to repeatedly violate the Constitution.

It is the federal government, with its Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security programs, that has laid the groundwork for what will soon be the demographically required euthanasia laws. Neither the federal nor the state governments have any interest in stopping this sort of murder, which is why the brothers Bush have both refused to take any direct action other than indulging in some meaningless Pilatean hand-washing meant to deflect the blame away from them.

The fact that this is primarily a state action rather than a federal one only goes to show how far the rot has spread. Usually the federal government has to pressure the states into following its directives, in this case the state happens to be anticipating them. Then again, there is a rather close relationship between the heads of both organizations, so perhaps that’s not surprising.

If you insist on clinging to the political fiction of a Democratic-Republican dichotomy, you will find the next twenty years as mystifying as the last twenty. If, on the other hand, you understand that beneath the fiction is an orchestrated effort to transform a theoretically decentralized constitutional republic into a fully centralized member of a supranational oligarchy, everything not only makes perfect sense, but becomes quite predictable. Thus, I can confidently predict:

1. uniform state euthanasia laws
2. a ban on home-schooling, probably federal
3. a political union with Canada and Mexico
4. an elimination of the right to trial by jury
5. elimination of the separation of powers doctrine (this is already effective, but not apparent)
6. a ban on all political speech by unapproved parties (already in the works)
7. emigration restrictions
8. legally recognized polyamorous relationships
9. a global tax to fund a UN military

Some of these sound outrageous, but they are eminently more practical than they were ten years ago. Why do I say that I can confidently predict them? Because they are absolutely necessary for the formulation of the system envisioned by the global governance groups. Demographics require the first. Propaganda requires the second. Administration requires the third. Efficiency requires the fourth and fifth. Weakening inherent resistance requires the sixth, seventh and eighth, and maintenance requires the ninth.

It is entirely possible that these things will not all come about, because the plans of men gang aft agley. Even if the ideal globalist system comes to pass, it will collapse of its own weight soon enough. The globalists are hoping that a US-style federalism will suffice to spread out that weight, but the crazed corruption of the EU indicates that their optimism in the architecture is misplaced. One need not be a Christian to see these things aborning, but I would think it would be somewhat troubling for a non-Christian to see how important elements of the apocalyptic vision of Christianity is being actively constructed in front of us.

For the Christian, of course, there is an important ray of hope that penetrates the nightmare. For if this is the last, bitter gasp of the Darkness, then the return of the King of Kings is nigh.