Washing Their Hands II

The Supreme Court on Thursday refused to order Terri Schiavo’s feeding tube reinserted, rejecting a desperate appeal by her parents to keep their severely brain-damaged daughter alive.

The decision, announced in a terse one-page order, marked the end of a dramatic and disheartening four-day dash through the federal court system by Bob and Mary Schindler.

Justices did not explain their decision, which was at least the fifth time they have declined to get involved in the Schiavo case.

But when there’s a need to find an emanation or penumbra to kill an unborn child, well, the unelected nine-man American Commission can always find the time for judicial review. Mrs. Schiavo never stood a chance, you see, because demographics require killing off a lot more elderly people in the next thirty years.

Next up: the elderly….