The pro-life majority

Nicholas Kristof writes in the New York Times:

The Democratic Party commits seppuku in the heartland by coming across as indifferent to people’s doubts about abortions or even as pro-abortion. A Times poll in January found that 61 percent of Americans favor tighter restrictions on abortion, or even a ban, while only 36 percent agree with the Democratic Party position backing current abortion law.

Although some regulars here have attempted to play around with the numbers and “prove” that most Americans favor a pro-choice position, their position is difficult to defend given the assertion by a liberal New York Times columnist that nearly two-thirds of the nation wants to junk Roe vs Wade and restrict women’s “right” to slay their unborn children.

Which should be pretty obvious, if you think about it. Legislators wouldn’t keep passing laws restricting abortion and having them shot down by the corrupt judiciary if they didn’t hold plenty of popular appeal.