Same planet, different worlds

A Northern Alliance listener comments on the 1st Anniversary show:

Another caller. I love this call, but I don’t know who it is. I guess I was distracted as I wrote of Doug. Radio sucks. We should have a transcript of all the words. But I’m not Lileks or King, so I don’t have a radio recorder. So I listen as the call winds up. Maybe I’ll hear his name…..Vox. Would that be the libertarian Vox Popoli?

Shameless, that a Libertarian would vote for someone other than George W. Bush in such trying times. I’ve never revisited Vox since I learned that he voted for the Libertarian ticket last November. He obviously does not understand how important it is to confront International Terrorism. They call him Vox Day. This is not to be confused with Vox Dei.

So shameless indeed. (Think Reelection Day when you say that). When are the times not trying? As I’ve pointed out on NARN before, things are actually a lot safer than they were when the main threat was the Soviet Union launching thousands of nuclear missiles at the entire country instead of a suitcase nuke taking out Manhattan. I understand why Manahattanites might be nervous these days, but if a tidal wave were responsible for taking out the island instead of jihadists, there would be a lot of people who’d be half inclined to celebrate the removal of a cancer on the country. And that goes treble for Washington DC considering the reports of audiences cheering the destruction of the White House in Independence Day.

Why on Earth would a libertarian vehemently opposed to the expansion of central government power EVER vote for a globalist champion such as George D. Bush? I’m still trying to figure out why conservatives are STILL falling for the guy five years on. At least now I understand how it will be possible for the Antichrist to hold an amount of appeal for some Christians.